Monday, June 13, 2011

Open Air Campaigners-Denmark (Friluftsmissionen)

We value the friendship of Torben Østermark, a good friend of Pray for whom I met in Copenhagen several years ago. Torben is the Director of Friluftsmissionen, the Danish branch of Open Air Campaigners International.

Torben has done a lot of travel this year. At the beginning of the year he and his family were in New Zealand and Australia where they had an opportunity to meet with Robert Siakimotu, the President of Open Air Campaigners International. Since then, he has been in Vienna, Austria for the European Open Air Campaigners leaders meeting and in the Faroe Islands teaching evangelism in a Bible school. At the end of June he will be evangelizing on Bornholm island. He is also looking forward to a trip to Mexico in February-March that may include a visit to the United States. Torben will participate in the Open Air Campaigners International conference in Mexico. We can be assured that Torben will have his eyes and ears open to learn new ways of presenting the gospel in Denmark.

Friluftsmissionen engages in many evangelistic endeavors. As I am writing this on June 13 the organization, along with several Folkekirke churches, has been involved with the Jesperhus Gospel day camp event held at Blomsterparken near Nykøbing Mors, Denmark. Jesperhus Gospel is held annually on the day after Pinsedag (Pentecost or Whitsun tide).

Gammelbro Camping is a quiet and attractive camping site located directly at the sea (Little Belt/Lillebælt) in the southern part of Denmark at Årøsund near Haderslev.. A family Bible camp is held there annually in which Friluftsmissionen has a major evangelistic ministry with adults, children, and young people. This year the camp will convene from July 4 through July 15.

A Reach the City campaign is coming to Copenhagen, August 3-6, involving Friluftsmissionen in cooperation with Inner Mission youth of Copenhagen. The team will hit the streets in the area of the city around Storkespringvandet fountain sharing the gospel through such means as drama, kids programs, and music. In addition, the plan for the three-day event calls for bringing the gospel to residential areas, parks, beaches throughout the city. The three-day effort will also be joined by a team from Open Air Campaigners-USA headed by OAC evangelist Paul Adams.

Reach the City was originated by Open Air Campaigners in Europe to bring the gospel of Christ to such cities as Vienna, Austria; Cologne, Germany; and, Bristol, England. Inspired by what God has done in those cities, Friluftsmissionen and young people of IMU have joined together and organized the 2011 project to reach Denmark’s capital city, believing that God desires to reach out to the people of Copenhagen as well.

Besides direct evangelism, Reach the City-Copenhagen will also provide team members with instruction and training in evangelism that will doubtless have a continuing effect throughout Denmark in the months and years ahead. There will be workshops on giving a personal testimony, kids programs, puppet theater, sketchboard, drama, event organization and much more taught by Danish and international teachers.

PRAY that in each of these scheduled events the gospel will be proclaimed boldly in the power and presence of the Spirit of God empowering Friluftsmissionen’s evangelists Torben Østermark, Lars Kristiansen, and team member associates.

PRAY that in each venue the Lord would prepare the hearts of unbelievers to receive and apply the biblical message of salvation by grace through faith plus nothing.

PRAY that Danish young people who join the team will not only have surrendered their own lives to Jesus Christ, but will through these events get a taste for evangelization that is so greatly needed in Denmark today.