Friday, June 17, 2022

Pray for the Forest Church

One of Denmark’s leading praise song writers and performers will soon release a new album, inspired by his new outdoor ministry. 

Arvid Asmussen, who recently began serving as pastor and worship leader at the Oasekirke (Oasis Church) in Silkeborg, finds inspiration outdoors—what he calls “the big cathedral.” So the album is appropriately titled “Cathedral (Katedral).”

In addition to his daily duties as a pastor, Asmussen leads a monthly “Forest Church” alternative worship experience. He invites the entire family on a pilgrimage that typically features Bible reflections and communion, and likely a good deal of singing, as well. 

“I believe most people can come in contact with the feeling of being a part of something bigger when they’re out in nature—whatever their connection is to the church,” he said. “I hope the Forest Church can be a way for spiritually searching people to meet with God.”

Asmussen’s new album of nature- and psalm-inspired praise songs is scheduled to release in September, but he has already shared and performed much of the music at a praise gathering last April. 

Listen to some of Asmussen’s music here. (There are even a couple of songs in English!) 

PRAY for the monthly Forest Church—that unchurched Danes would meet their creator on these monthly praise outings, and that believers would draw closer to the Lord here, as well. 

PRAY for Pastor Arvid Asmussen as he inspires other believers to creatively praise God through music. 

PRAY for the ongoing ministry of the church in Silkeborg, that many would come to faith in Christ through this ministry.