Sunday, August 04, 2019

Life after summer camp?

Family camping is a long and cherished tradition in Denmark. Each year, thousands of Danes flock to campgrounds, set up their tents in neat rows, and enjoy the long days of sunshine. And Christians are no exception; this summer they’re meeting together as never before in denominational and interdenominational camps.

Under the big tent at Skovgårde Biblecamping
Attendance at the yearly Inner Mission camp at Mørkholt Beach, for example, is way up. Four years ago, 550 young people showed up. This summer more than 800 campers got together for a full week of games, fellowship, and nightly Bible messages in the large central tent.

And this year the camp was featured on a national TV news program. (Click on the link to watch the first few minutes. Even if you don’t speak Danish, you’ll get the idea.)

 “We’re gathered around our faith,” explained Nikolai Møller, a staffer with the Inner Mission renewal movement. “That’s what’s happening in this tent, every evening.”

“This is a huge tent,” observed TV reporter Dorte Callesen during an on-camera interview for TV Syd (South). “You’ve set up (more) chairs, and people are sitting outside. Why have so many shown up?”

“It’s because we have a fellowship here, where we can be who we are,” explained Møller. “Where we can talk about big and small things, about faith, and life. We can talk about soccer and the weather, too… But there’s a fellowship, and people come back for that, again and again. We learn more about God, what we can take home to our everyday lives.”

Møller emphasized the goal of challenging campers to take away what they’ve learned at the summer camp, and to integrate it into their Christian walk during the rest of the year.  And why is the yearly camp growing?

Møller feels it’s their approach, the rich fellowship, and “holding tightly to God’s Word.”

PRAISE God for the growing attendance at Christian summer camps in Denmark.

PRAY for young campers, that God will use the lessons they heard and the relationships they built to change lives throughout the year.

PRAY for boldness, that campers will share about their Lord when they get home.

PRAY that the camps will continue to grow in attendance, and that more people will be saved as a result.

PRAY for wisdom for the camp leadership, that they will follow the Holy Spirit’s leading as they plan programs and follow-up.

PRAY for revival to come in these camps, throughout the summer and beyond.