Sunday, September 11, 2022

Young Danes in Israel

Here’s something a little different: Let’s pray for the young Danes who have just begun a special three-month Bible learning and discipleship course at the School of Discipleship (Discipelskolen) in Israel. It’s run by Danish believers at The Danish House (Det Danske Hus) in Poriya, near the Sea of Galilee.

The new course began last month, with some 20 new learners. Here’s what one of the students, Jacob, had to say: 

"Orientation is over, now, and we’ve had a nearly normal week. We’ve had the privilege to hear our own Jakob Ulriksen, who led us through the topic of “Glimpses from the Books of Moses.” We’re learning much more about the creation story, the Fall, and the formation of Israel—how God chose and used Israel in his greater plan of salvation. In addition, we have been exploring the Old Testament to see if we could find Jesus there. Spoiler alert: Jesus is in the Old Testament. The week was crowned with a Friday trip to Dan and Tel Hazor, where we saw some very exciting stones from the old days. We have been fortunate to welcome Hakon Christensen, who will be teaching the Book of Romans this week. We're looking forward to it."

Jacob and the rest of the students are not likely to forget this special hands-on learning time in the Holy Land. It’s a chance to walk where Jesus walked, to breathe biblical history, and to experience the truth of God’s Word in a unique setting.

This experience will change their lives!

PRAY for the 20 Danish students learning right now at The Danish House in Israel, that they would draw closer to the Lord during these three months. Pray for their protection as well.

PRAY that God would touch the Danish church through the experiences of these 20 students when they return to Denmark later this year. Pray that they would inspire others in new and fresh ways.

PRAY for the instructors and staff at The Danish House, that they would be especially blessed and inspired this term.

PRAY for the ministry of The Danish House, Det Danske Hus, that God would protect them and help it to flourish.

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