Sunday, October 23, 2022

We all do Laundry

A new podcast in Denmark is tackling faith topics in a creative new way, bringing the conversation to a place where everyday Danes can learn and discuss more about what faith in Christ could mean in their lives.

It’s called “Laundry” ( and is produced by Camilla Engrob under the Youth for Christ umbrella. Through interviews, podcasts, music, art, and short films, it’s designed to work around the culturally Danish tendency to shy away from talk about spiritual things. 

“Sharing about faith in our society has largely been in the hands of a very few,” she said, “in very specific platforms: the pulpit, speeches, or theological books. I’ve had a growing desire to give a platform to other forms of expression.”

For Camilla, that means bringing in creative people and interesting interviews for her podcasts. After all, she said, “God is the greatest artist and creative creator—and we’re made in His image.”

Camilla herself is a trained graphic artist and architect, and has a background in book design. She’s especially excited to share people’s stories.

Why call it “Laundry”? Camilla says it’s because we all have it, but few want to talk about it, or even show it to others. 

“The idea grew over time,” she explained. “But three years ago it became clear to me that if I wanted things to be different, then I would need to do it myself. (So) ‘Laundry’ aims to focus on the Christian faith, and to make it natural to talk about God in the everyday. The starting point is the story about faith, hope, and love—the place where life is lived.”

PRAY for Camilla Engrob as she reaches into her culture with the truth of Jesus, for creativity and strength to present the claims of Christ in a winsome way. 

PRAY for listeners, that minds would be opened and hearts would be softened to consider the claims of Christ.

PRAY that many Danes of all ages would discover the podcast.

PRAY for revival in Denmark through creative approaches like “Laundry.”

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Anonymous said...

Very good! I will pray for open hearts to receive the message of Jesus in Denmark. I wish this podcast was in English so I can understand.