Sunday, November 20, 2022

A Christmas Challenge

Pray for the upcoming annual evangelistic outreach through the “Julens Udfordring” (“Christmas Challenge”) news publication. Filled with stories and articles, the special tabloid is designed to reach Christians but especially the unchurched in Denmark with the good news of Jesus—during a time of year when Danes are perhaps more open to hearing the gospel.

A few articles from this year’s edition: Why Christmas is Something Special. Bob Dylan Found the Answer in the Wind. A Father and Son Help in Ukraine. The Story of “O Holy Night.” And more…

Christians in churches, small groups, families, or just individually may order as many copies as they can, and distribution is up to them. Else Ruhe Ludvigsen started with 10 copies four years ago, and has passed along more and more copies each year. This year she’s hoping to give away 1,000 copies in her hometown of Rødekro.

“I go from mailbox to mailbox,” she said, “as I pray to the Lord that I will meet those who live in the houses. As many as possible should hear about Jesus, so they’ll each receive a Christmas newspaper, in order to read about the King of kings.”

So Else shares her joy each year, and she has big plans to reach even more homes with the gospel. “Christmas is about Jesus,” she said, “and people need to know! Jesus has a birthday, and it’s us who receive presents. For me, being a Christian isn’t about being religious, but about having a personal relationship with Jesus. I want to offer that to others through the Christmas paper. Next year I want to distribute 2,000 papers, not just in Rødekro, but also in Aabenraa.”

for this year’s “Julens Udfordring” outreach, that God will reach many with the good news, and that many would turn to Christ this Christmas season as a result. 

PRAY that Christians will find new and creative ways to distribute even more copies this year.

PRAY for revival in Denmark through the “Julens Udfordring” outreach.

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