Friday, January 14, 2005

"Frikirkenet" Has Become a Reality

Many of the frikirker (i.e., non-state churches), including Apostolic, Baptist, Pentecostal denominations, and a number of independent churches from throughout Denmark, have joined together recently to form their own media organization. One decision of Frikirkenet (Free Church Network), the name of the new organization, is publication of a monthly magazine called Domino, and the creation of an auxiliary website, For the most part the free churches have not received a great deal of notice in the Danish press. Frikirkenet media strategy will provide news releases concerning the free churches to the press and seek overall to make the work of the Lord even more visible in the country. Amongst themselves, the churches have not had especially effective inter-church communication and do not always have a good idea of what each other is doing. As one Copenhagen pastor, Calvary Chapel's Theis Brøgger, noted, "It's rare that we really hear about what God is doing through other churches, so this is a great idea." Poul Kirke has been named editor-in-chief of Frikirkenet with Svend Løbner as news editor and webmaster. Heidi Jensen has been designated editorial secretary and will be responsible for the publication of the new Frikirkenet magazine, Domino. Pray for Denmark salutes this new venture and calls on believers world-wide to support it with their prayers. May God use it for His glory and for the progress of the Gospel of Christ in every corner of the Danish kingdom.

PRAY that the media strategies initiated by Frikirkenet, especially the news magazine Domino, will contribute to the furtherance of unity amongst the various denominations and churches and keep the Danish public better informed about their work.

PRAY that the Lord will give great grace, skill and wisdom to Poul Kirke, Svend Løbner, and Heidi Jensen as they pursue their editorial and media responsibilities on behalf of Frikirkenet's participating churches.

PRAY that the founding of Frikirkenet will enhance rather than detract from the churches' crucial emphases on evangelism, revival/renewal, and church planting.

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