Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Church Planting in Denmark's Larger Cities

Pastor Flemming Mølhede of the Copenhagen Vineyard Church asks those who use this website to PRAY concerning a vision for church planting in Denmark's bigger cities. Many people are open to the Gospel and find their spiritual home in churches of the older denominations in the country. On the other hand, there are people who personally believe in God and are open to the Gospel message but for one reason or another feel alienated from the older churches. Though receptive to the content of the Gospel, they are often uncomfortable with the outer form and structure of the older denominations. There is a need in Denmark for new congregations that adhere to the Gospel but present the same message in a new format and structure. As the Vineyard Norden website (http://www.vineyard.se/) puts it, "Older, more established churches are like treasure chests, filled with the wealth of experience and history - a wealth of faithful people who are good examples for Christ, a wealth of music and musicians, and often a broad wealth of ministries and material resources. At the same time, the need may arise for new inspiration, new life and renewal in the midst of this great wealth. . . . Vineyard churches are relatively new, and have, therefore, greater possibilities for testing and appropriating new forms for their meetings, new structures and new styles of music etc. There is much less need to take into account older and more established forms of worship. It is therefore easier to encourage and make room for new things, which the Lord wants to do in the church. A wealth of new life grows out of this environment, and can be a resource for more established churches." PRAY also that God will provide Vineyard (and other church planting ministries) with the necessary financial resources to plant churches and that He will raise up those who have needed spiritual gifts and strong leadership potential to serve as senior pastors in the envisioned churches.

The same applies in large part as well to another new evangelical ministry. Pray for Calvary Chapel church planters whose work is just beginning in Denmark. There are no Calvary Chapel churches in Denmark as yet. The closest church is in Malmø, Sweden. PRAY for wisdom on the part of such leaders as Daniel Jacobsen and Theis Broeger as they pray, strategize and plan for a solid foundation for Calvary Chapel work and also for a warm response from Danish seekers. Like Vineyard churches, Calvary Chapel ministers with more contemporary music and worship styles that may be more attractive to Danish young people who are not antagonistic to the Gospel but not likely participants in the older churches. PRAY for the Spirit's working at a Calvary Chapel - All-Scandinavia conference to be held at a location in Denmark from August 5-8.

PRAY for the Women's Conference, sponsored by Netværk for Kvinder i Tjeneste (Network for Women in Ministry), to be held in Copenhagen on May 8, 2004. The speaker will be Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Dr. Billy Graham. The theme of the day's conference is "Facing the Future with Jesus." It is Anne's conviction that "the Lord made it clear He is at work among the Christian women of Denmark!" PRAY with Network leaders that the women of Denmark will "receive a fresh touch from Jesus Christ, that will bring a whole new conviction of his presence in our lives into our consciousness, a conviction that will change us, as well as strengthen our faith and provide directional focus for our future lives." PRAY as well for women's ministries in evangelical churches throughout Denmark.

PRAY for Christian camping in Denmark during the coming summer months. Danes love the outdoors in the summer and love camping, preferably by open water. PRAY for the leadership and workers as they pray and plan for their camps this summer. PRAY too for effective evangelism among campers for Christian growth in those who already have come to faith in Christ. We will try to mention specific camps as we receive the information.