Sunday, August 22, 2004

Pray for the Alpha Outreach Program

PRAY for the new season of Alpha courses in Denmark. Plans are to promote a national Alpha advertising initiative in Denmark during the month of September. There are now over 190 Alpha courses running in the country. The national director for Alpha Danmark is Bess Serner Pederson. PRAY that many who attend the courses will as a result come to faith in Christ.

This Pray for Denmark website needs English-speaking correspondents from Danish free churches who can provide fresh, relevant prayer requests regarding evangelical ministries throughout the country. PRAY with Bill and Brad that the Lord will raise up correspondents who have a similar concern for revival in existing churches, evangelism that can contextualize the gospel to effectively communicate within Danish culture, and church planting that relies on the Word of God and the the wisdom and power of the Holy Spirit for methods and strategies. Interested persons can use the contact email noted on this page.

PRAY for Remix, a new youth-oriented church planting effort by Adventist Christians in northwest Copenhagen. The name "Remix" is a term used by the music industry and was chosen signify the way lives are rearranged when God comes into hearts and lives of individuals. The goal of Remix is to communicate the Christian message in a personal and contemporary manner. Leaders indicate that teenagers are responsive to the message of the Gospel and the appeals made in this ministry. Because the greatest challenge is that of discipleship, Remix also runs a discipleship program called "Explorer Gold." Click here or further information.

Continue to PRAY for the LYS-kursus conference with Pastor Dale Burke (Senior Pastor, Evangelical Free Church, Fullerton, California) that will take place at the Arhus Baptistkirke on September 4. PRAY that Pastor Burke's emphasis on leadership will be helpful and encouraging to Danish pastors and church leaders.

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