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2012 Danish Summer Camps and Conferences

Danish summer ministries are set to begin the last week in May and continue on into August. Danes love to get away in the summer months. As in previous summers, there will be many camps and convocations sponsored by the free church denominations as well as numerous Bibelcamps sponsored by the several Folkekirke revival movements. Though Satan appears to have a hold on Denmark, “greater is He that is in you, than he (Satan) that is in the world” (1 John 4:4, KJV).

The country stands in awesome need of a stirring of the Holy Spirit in a genuine revival that would turn this small but influential nation into a spiritual powerhouse affecting all of Scandinavia and ultimately all of Europe. The Holy Spirit stands ready to ignite revival this summer as committed believers gather in Christian camps and conferences. The key is fidelity to the Bible, God's inspired Word.

Though assuredly we do not have information on all of the country's Christian camps and conferences, the list below provides a fair and hopefully accurate sampling of opportunities available this summer. Further information can be found on the indicated webpages. It should be noted that many of the activities listed have special programs for children and teenagers and some for seniors.


Pinsekirker Sommer-Camp (Pentecostal) at Mariager, July 14-20.
Information available at

Baptist Missionsstævne at Mariager, July 29-Aug 4. wwwsommerstæ

Apostolskkirkens sommercamping, July 14—19, at Kolding www.stæ

Vineyard Copenhagen and Roskilde (Vineyard Norden Summer Camp 2012) at Nyhem, Mullsjö, Sweden, July 15-21.

Metodistkirkens Landsmøde 2012, May 25-28 at Idræts-efterskole, Lægården, Holstebro.

Nazaræeren Kirkens Sommerlejr, July 6-13 at Tømmerup Efterskole, July 6-13.

Danske Missionsforbundet Sommerkonference 2012, July 24-30,  to be held in conjunction with the Baptist Missionsstævne (as above) at Mariager.

Calvary Chapel Scandinavia Conference 2012 at Ekebyholm (30 minutes outside Stockholm, Sweden), August 1-5.

Kristuskirken (Reformed Baptist), Bjeringbro is hosting a highly recommended Reformation Resurrection Bible Conference 2012 to be held at Skroedstrup Boarding School in Mariager, July 10-13.  The keynote speaker will be Phil Johnson, associated with the ministry of Dr. John MacArthur at Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California.  The theme of the conference is “True and False Gospels,” a topic of great importance to Danish evangelicals.


IM (Kirkelig Forening for den Indre Mission) will have numerous camping programs, including Bibelcamping, Teencamping and Seniorcamping events during the summer throughout Denmark,  including Haderup, Lystruphave; Valby, Sønderborg, Bornholm, Tullebølle, Hadsund, Fårevejle, Hurup, Sæby, and Allingåbro.

LM (Luthersk Missionsforening) has scheduled several Bibelcamping events in July at both Haderslev-Næs and Virksund.

ELM (Evangelisk Luthersk Missionsforening), meets for its Bibelcamping 2010 at Bækkely i Snogebæk, Bornholm, July 16-25. 269-bibelcamping2012-13-22Jul.html

NYT LIV (Forbund for Evangelisation i Danmark) will hold its Bibellejr 2010 at Fjellerup, July 10-17.
OASE (Dansk Oase) has scheduled its SommerOase 2012 family camp at Odder, July 14-21.


FriluftsmissionenBeyond the list above are many parachurch organizations with greatly stepped-up activity during the summer, among them Friluftsmissionen (Danish Open Air Campaigners) led by our good friend Torben Østermark). Torben reports that the Jesperhus Gospel event will take place on Pentecost Day (May 28) and Sommerevangelisering at Gammelbro Camping in Sønderjylland, July 9-20. For further information on these and other Friluftsmissionen activities, see the ministry’s webpage at

Such parachurch organizations as Youth with a Mission, Operation Mobilization, and Youth for Christ also offer practical ministry opportunities during the summer months whether in Denmark itself or in other nations

PRAY that in a new and unusual way the Spirit of God will grab hold of the hearts and minds of the organizers, speakers, seminar leaders, counselors, and hundreds of attendees at these important summer activities as they present and hear the pure Word of God without error-prone post-modern trappings.

PRAY that the truth of the Word of God will be presented in an attractive and passionate manner in every venue and that there will be a holy hush as hearts are stirred and challenged to lifechanging decisions for Christ.

PRAY that sessions will be marked by a revival atmosphere of confession and repentance that would (1) fan into flame a resurgence of commitment to the Bible as the divinely inspired and infallible Word of God and (2)  lead to a great wave of biblical evangelism and the planting of true-to-the Gospel churches throughout Denmark

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