Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Denmark's Youth

Editor Bill recently met a Christian lady at the Baptist Church in Viborg who has an agonizing concern for the future of Danish young people. She has asked that Pray for add this important part of the Danish population to our prayers for the country as a whole. Her concerns are well-taken. Danish youth are subjected from early years to ideas and philosophies in their educational experience and through the various media that have contributed to the secularization of the country, a lessening of the influence of the church, and a consequent loosening of moral standards. Besides educational and career goals, Danish youth seem greatly invested in pursuing the kind of happiness that so often translates to doing whatever you want whenever you want and with whomever you please. Casual sex is accepted as "everyone is doing it" and couples living together without a formal marital contract has common societal acceptance. Even adults are prone to counsel young people to get all the happiness they can and enjoy life to the full. "Don't worry about marriage, have all the sex partners you can find and enjoy yourself--that's what life is all about." Spiritual concerns take a back seat to such a philosophy and the result is a spiritual vacuum in the lives of so many young people. The number of smokers amongst adult Danes has dropped considerably, though very common amongst tobacco-using Danish youth who in spite of significant health dangers are using it in increasing numbers. Alcohol and drug use are found as well. There are so many fine and wonderful things about Denmark, but ultimately its future and the future of families lie in the hands of its young people. Not all the news is bad, however, as there are youth who are seeking after spiritual realities and seem to be turning away from the moral drift amongst their peers. Many of them are now seen in large numbers in many of the more vibrant Danish evangelical churches that have ministries that attract young people. One major attraction presented by such churches is their emphasis on contemporary Christian music.

PRAY that the church in Denmark will find effective ways to make the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a committed Christian lifestyle attractive and appealing to young people.

PRAY that Danish youth who have been raised by Christian parents will not stray from their Christian commitment and lifestyle but resist the temptations that society packages so attractively.

PRAY for the many fine youth ministers in Danish evangelical churches who serve as role models for an uncompromising biblical lifestyle while at the same time providing wholesome activities and vibrant youth-oriented worship.
(This posting has been written while Editor Bill is in Assens, Denmark)

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