Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pray North Baltic Women's Conference, May 12-14

I (Editor Bill) returned a week ago from a three-week trip to Denmark. It was a wonderful experience in which I met and received such a warm and gracious reception from many fine Danish pastors and laymen of several different denominations, churches, and organizations. Visitors to this Pray for Denmark.com website will see the fruit of this trip and its many contacts in the prayer requests that will be posted in the weeks ahead.

On Sunday, April 2, I attended three different church services in Copenhagen--at Bethlehemskirken, Kristuskirken, and Copenhagen Vineyard Christian Fellowship, all of which will be mentioned in depth on this page in the weeks to come. What a contrast in worship styles from church to church! Copenhagen's Vineyard is a relatively new church plant currently meeting in the facilities of the Apostolsk Kirke on Filippavej in the center of Copenhagen. I was warmly received by this live congregation composed largely of younger people. The church is pastored by two fine young pastors, Flemming Mølhede and Haase Falk Jakobsen. At the Vineyard's afternoon service, I met Liv and Erik Hansen and a friendship was quickly established with them as they ministered to me in prayer. The Hansens were involved in the founding of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship in 1997 (http://kbh.vineyard.dk/english) and continue to be very active in its ministry. They are committed prayer warriors with a passionate concern for revival and renewal in Denmark and the nations of the world.

Liv has asked especially that visitors to this Pray for Denmark.com website pray for her and her participation as one of the speakers at the Friday through Sunday, May 12-14, Pray North Baltic Women's Conference. This conferencewill take place at Eckernforde in Schleswig, Germany (historically, all of Schleswig was once part of Denmark and the northern part still is). It will be a weekend of worship and prayer on behalf of this northerly part of the European continent. The church at Eckernforde has had a significant 24/7 prayer ministry for over a year and has not ignored Denmark in its concerns. This will be Liv Hansen's first-time teaching opportunity at a conference on prayer. The featured speaker at this Eckernforde conference will be Inger Porsen of Women's Aglow Denmark. I met Inger at Kolding in Jutland and traveled with her to an Aglow meeting that was held in the Viborg Baptistkirken. Inger is a dynamic and capable leader who is having a great impact on evangelical women's ministries in Denmark. At the Aglow meeting in Viborg, I was the only male present and a bit self-conscious at that. But it was a most interesting experience during which I saw for the first time the use of multicolored flag-like banners that were waved joyfully by a number of these Christian ladies keeping time with the music during the time of singing and worship. It was a colorful addition to a service of praise and worship. It is simply amazing how believers find creative ways to express their joy in the Lord. For more about the Eckernforde Pray North Baltic Women's Conference, see the Conference website at www.praynorth.de.

PRAY that the Eckernforde conference will be a time of refreshing when the Spirit of God draws participants together in genuine spiritual unity and believing prayer that will contribute to what we see as developing signs of revival and renewal in Denmark.

PRAY that Liv Hansen will be aware that her participation and message are covered with the prayers of many and that she will feel empowered by the Spirit in her presentation from the Word of God about the practice and simportance of prayer.

PRAY in the same way for Inger Porsen, that God will prepare her heart and messages to meet the needs of the conference participants who in turn will hopefully respond to what the Spirit of God directs Inger to say in her ministry from the Word.

PRAY for a deep and abiding work of God's Spirit in the life of every participant in this important women's conference and for a resulting positive effect on the Lord's work throughout Denmark.

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