Monday, March 13, 2006

Editor Bill Plans Mission Trip to Denmark

Bill Hunter, the editor of Pray for Denmark's prayer requests, leaves this week on a three-week visit to Denmark, March 14 to April 4. The purpose of this missions trip is to meet with Danish pastors and Christian leaders with whom we have had contact since Pray for went online two years ago. Bill desires nothing more than to have a quiet spiritual ministry of listening and learning from pastors and leaders, praying with them and encouraging them in their ministries. He hopes as a result of the visit and becoming better informed about evangelical work in Denmark that the Lord will enlarge his and Brad's vision for this website, hopefully making it an even more effective prayer support instrument. Bill's itinerary is expected to include contacts in such cities as T√łnder, S√łnderborg, Kolding, Viborg, Aalborg, Odense and Copenhagen. He is also looking forward to the opportunity to have some time for rest and relaxation with his Danish relatives.

PRAISE God that the He has opened the way for this visit to Denmark and PRAISE Him for the Christian friends who have so graciously helped to make it possible.

PRAY that the still incomplete details of Bill's travel schedule in Denmark will come together speedily once he arrives in the country.

PRAY that the Lord will prepare Bill's heart for a warm and effective one-on-one ministry of prayer and encouragement wherever he goes.

PRAY that Bill will be extraordinarily open and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in the contacts he makes throughout Denmark and that he will experience an unusual bonding in Christian love with the pastors and leaders he meets.

PRAY that as a result of his visit the Lord will enlarge Bill's and Brad's vision for the ministry of this Pray for website and show us how we can have an even more effective ministry.

PRAY for the Lord's protection and mercies during Bill's travels and for health and stamina for what assuredly will be a rather strenuous three-week schedule.

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