Saturday, July 08, 2006

Danish Summer Conferences - Week of 8-15 July

Please continue to consult the previous posting (1 July 2006) for information on the four summer conferences meeting this week, including those of the Apostolsk Kirke, Pinse Kirke, Dansk Oase, and Nyt Liv. These are important conferences with many ramifications for reformation, revival, and renewal in Danish churches, both the Lutheran Folkekirke and the free churches. The prayer requests at the end of the 1 July posting will greatly assist in focusing prayer on behalf of this week's conferences.

"(I)t is a common factor of the revivals (, i.e. of the past) that they have been expressions of the sovereignty of God, explained only in terms of the power of the Holy Spirit to change people and communities. . . Two characteristics of Christian awakenings point to this sovereignty of God:
"An increased emphasis on prayer, as people have grown deeply discontent with the state of their unrevived churches.

"Deep repentance, involving both sorrow for sin and a determination to change." - Eerdmans Handbook to Christian Belief (1982), p. 371

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