Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Seminar on Islam

Aglow Denmark has asked our Pray for Denmark constituency to be in prayer for a seminar about Islam that it plans to sponsor next month. The seminar is scheduled to take place beginning Friday evening, March 11 and continuing through Saturday evening, March 12. Regula Moor, Aglow Denmark's Prayer Coordinator, says that the organization would like as many of its local boards and members as possible to attend this important seminar. "We have it on our hearts to reach out to Muslim women in our country," says Moor. The seminar is also open to pastors and others who may have an interest in learning more about the beliefs and practices of Islam compared to those of the Christian faith as well as the Gospel challenge involved for ministry amongst Muslims. Aglow Denmark's national leader is Inger Porsen.

PRAY for the seminar presenter who is coming to Denmark from overseas.

PRAY for the presenter's travels, her health, her spiritual empowerment and protection, and her physical strength and stamina.

PRAY that there will be many Aglow boards and members as well as other evangelical believers in Denmark who will take advantage of this very important educational and training seminar.

PRAY for openness on the part of all participants to the material that will be presented at the seminar and that they will view it as a training and equipping opportunity for effective cross-cultural Christian witness and ministry.

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