Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Letter to Friends of Pray for

Dear Friends:

It will soon be a year since the Pray for website was launched. Brad and I are both evangelical Christians with Danish ancestry who felt the Lord's leading to undertake this support project for His work in Denmark. Though we are both active members of strong evangelical churches, we work independently of them and are not compensated for our efforts. We are not sponsored by any church or mission organization and have no designs whatever for setting up a church or ministry of our own in Denmark. We do not solicit contributions, and do not attempt to generate funds for the expenses inherent in getting the Pray for Denmark website online. We believe we have succeeded in maintaining a broad evangelical perspective on this web page. A glance at the prayer requests posted over the months demonstrates that we have exercised concern for the varied aspects of evangelical work in Denmark through the churches and organizations we have highlighted.

We are so delighted to consistently have nearly 30 "hits" a day on average. Brad has done a fantastic job in publicizing the website, especially in newspapers in towns and area of the United States were there is a considerable population of those of Danish ancestry. We are constantly on the lookout for ways and means of getting the website before people who know the Lord and are willing to share our burden of prayer for heightened evangelism, revival/renewal, and church planting in Denmark. In the end, it is "not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord."

We have been greatly encouraged throughout the year with the responses Pray for Denmark has received from individuals in several different countries. We have even been able to put travelers in contact with evangelical churches in several locations in Denmark. It is gratifying to have had relatively few "crank" letters and only a couple of irrelevant emails from believers in other countries with another agenda. Because of our unique focus we have not responded to messages that are not in some manner related specifically to the needs of the Lord's work in Denmark.

So, how are we doing? We would love to hear from you with your comments about the website and even ideas of how we could improve or how we could make the ministry more effective.

Abundant blessings to all who have expressed interest and concern for the Lord's work in Denmark.

Bill Hunter
Brad Haugaard

PRAY for the Lord's continuing blessing and direction for Pray for's unique ministry of prayer support for the work and workers in Denmark.

PRAY for an increasing number of visitors to the website who will make themselves known to us and will covenant with us to pray for a resurgence of evangelism, revival/renewal, and church planting in Denmark.

PRAY for Danish pastors and churches experiencing discouragement and who need the encouragement of knowing that there are those committed to praying earnestly for them. Many of the free churches are small and struggling to find effective ways and means of reaching their local areas with the truth of the gospel of grace and salvation in Jesus Christ.

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