Tuesday, July 19, 2005

New Church Started in Nyborg

Kirken Odense Vækkelscenter (Odense Revival Center), affiliated with the Apostolic Church of Denmark, has for the past five years had a vision for starting new churches on the island of Fyn. The Odense church (www.kirken-ovc.dk/)
has now taken its first step in church planting. It all began as the result of evangelistic meetings held by evangelist Torben Søndergaard last March and April at Medborger Hus, Nørrevoldgade, in Nyborg. At the last of the services there were 60 in attendance, of whom 40 were visitors. "We couldn't even think of leaving these folks on their own," said Andreas Jørgensen, of the the Odense Vækkelscenter, "so, we decided to drive down to Nyborg every Sunday after our own service in Odense to have a service for these folks." Evangelist Søndergaard's meetings were so well attended that it seemed essential to begin weekly services in Nyborg. The first service of the Nyborg Free Church (Nyborg Frikirke) took place on Sunday, May 22 with 15 persons attending. Services are now being held every Sunday afternoon at 15.00 hrs. (3:00 p.m.), except the second Sunday of the month when there is a joint service with the Odense church. Andreas and Lene Jørgensen, who pastor the Odense Vækkelscenter, will also assume responsibility of pastoral oversight for the new Nyborg Frikirke that for now will be under the wing of the Odense church. For those unfamiliar with the geography of Denmark, the island and province of Fyn is found between Sjælland to the east and Jutland to the west. Odense is situated in the very middle of Fyn and Nyborg southeast of Odense on the island's east side. This report is based on an item that appeared recently in Domino, the new Christian lifestyle magazine published by FrikirkeNet, a network of Danish Pentecostal, Baptist, Apostolic, independent, and house churches (www.dominoonline.dk).

PRAY that the new Nyborg Frikirke will rapidly develop into a contagious, growing fellowship of believers empowered by the Holy Spirit for attractive and effective witness to townspeople.

PRAY that the new church will in its infancy attract those in the Nyborg who are truly craving for something real to fill the spiritual vacuum in their lives that we know can only be filled by a personal experience of faith in Jesus Christ.

PRAY that like Vækkelscenter, other free church congregations throughout Denmark will be awakened to the need for planting new churches.

PRAY for health, strength and fruitful results for Andreas and Lene Jørgensen as they minister for Christ in Odense and Nyborg.

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