Saturday, June 23, 2007

Preparing for Danish Summer Camps and Conferences

Once again this year, the months of July and August will see the gathering of hundreds of Danish believers in summer camps and conferences sponsored by the various free church denominations and Folkekirke revival movements. This website will shortly begin to post the dates and places of the summer camps and conferences of which we have been made aware.

Because many of these camps usually bring together large numbers of people from all over the country, the spiritual implications are tremendous. Many of the free churches in Denmark are rather small. There is a dynamic and excitement often present in the singing and worship of large assemblies that is rarely experienced in smaller local churches. There is also an appreciation for fellowship in the larger Body of Christ that comes from worshiping together with fellow believers from throughout the country. Enduring friendships are often made at these summer events.

PRAY for the intense preparations going on now for the many July and August summer camps, including the final details for each camping event, the setting up of the camp grounds, the orientation and training of camp helpers, and the ministries of camp administrators, musicians, seminar leaders and speakers.

PRAY for God’s protective mercies as camp workers and campers travel by bus, train, and auto from the far corners of the country. Some of the speakers and seminar leaders will be coming from other countries. PRAY that campers at each of the scheduled camps will be spared serious injuries or illnesses.

PRAY that the power of God’s Holy Spirit will be felt in every camping event and that speakers will confidently proclaim the Word of God with His anointing in every teaching and preaching sessions.

PRAY for revival to break out in many of the camps with numbers coming to faith in Christ and every camper, whether child, youth or adult, strengthened and encouraged toward growth in their Christian life and walk.

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