Friday, January 11, 2008

Fårevejle Menighed--Oddsherred Church Plant

In the November 13, 2007 posting, I mentioned that no free church exists in West Sjaelland’s Oddsherred Commune. Subsequently, I heard from an authoritative source that I was misinformed and that there is indeed a relatively new church plant in Fårevejle. I am delighted to correct the error and to give a further bit of information about Fårevejle Frimenighed.

Oddsherred is found in West Sjælland about 50 miles (80 km) northwest of Copenhagen. The region is characterized by steep cliffs, white and silky sand dunes, and forestland. The town of Fårevejle is situated at the coastline. There are more than a dozen Folkekirke parishes in Oddsherred commune, including Fårevejle.

Fårevejle Frimenighed is an evangelical Lutheran free church having the same doctrinal confession as the Folkekirke. However, the church is not affiliated with the Folkekirke (Denmark's state church). The church participates in the Dansk Oase Netværk, the Lutheran charismatic revival movement’s network of churches and local fellowships.

The church believes that the Bible is indeed the Word of God and has something to say to everyone in busy, contemporary everyday life. The evangelical flavor of Fårevejle Frimenighed is expressed in its vision statement, “mennesker må få et personligt møde med Gud, lære Jesus at kende og få lyst til at leve deres hverdag sammen med ham” (everyone must have a personal encounter with God, get to know Jesus and have a desire to live their everyday lives together with him).

The pastor and congregational leader of the church is Pastor Jørgen Lund together with Pastor Aksel Lausten and lay leaders Flemming Møller, Dorrit Dirchsen, and Jacob Kofod. The church’s webpage may be accessed at The current membership of Fårevejle Menighed has reached 25, with about 70 regular attenders.

The church does not as yet have a permanent location and has met at times in a local school building. Some activities are conducted in adherents' homes. Even without a building of its own, the church has a number of active ministries, including children’s church, youth, singles, gospel choir, the elderly, and the like. The worship format includes more contemporary, rhythmic music led by a five-instrument praise band.

PRAISE GOD for the planting of a free church at Fårevejle in Oddsherred Commune.

PRAY that the pastors and lay leaders of Fårevejle Frimenighed will keep evangelism a high priority and that they will find strategic ways to promote the gospel throughout the area.

PRAY for growth in numbers of members and regular attenders and for perennial revival and spiritual maturity in those who come to faith in Christ.

PRAY that in His timing the Lord will provide a permanent location for Fårevejle Frimenighed.

PRAY that ways will be found for the new church to minister effectively to the large number of visitors and vacationers who come to Oddsherred during the summer months.

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