Sunday, November 24, 2013

Crosses Come Down in Jylland

Six weeks after erecting 16,000 white crosses in a large field along busy highway E45 in Jylland, members of the Danish anti-abortion group “Retten til Liv” (Right to Life) complied with a highway department order to remove the memorial.

Many of the crosses were relocated to another location in Vedersø. Most, however, have been disposed of, the group reported, just like the unborn children they represented.

Opponents had claimed the field of crosses caused a traffic distraction, ever since it went up in late September. Retten til Liv members, many from local churches, said they wanted to memorialize unborn children who have lost their lives. In any case, the display between Horsens and Vejle sparked heated debate on the 40th anniversary of free abortions in Denmark.

“Some celebrate it as a victory for women,” says Ellen Højlund Wibe of Retten til Liv. “We see it as a frightful lie that has eaten its way into our people, making away with more than 800,000 unborn human lives.

“We must not give up. We’re going to pray and work as if God can change everything. Because he can.” 

PRAY for the ongoing Christian witness for life in Denmark. 

PRAY for the young unborn Danes who need protection. 

PRAY that God would change hearts and minds on this divisive issue, and that Danes would turn to the truth of the Lord who loves all little children.

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