Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Pastor, New Direction for Kolding

Keep an eye on the exciting young church in Kolding, Denmark’s seventh largest city. Established just over a decade ago in this industrial center, it’s grown to some 200 members today. And now they’re converting an old textile mill into a new worship center, attracting attention for their outward focus and emphasis on family and community service.

Their newly ordained lead pastor, Mads Peter Kruse, joined veteran pastor Henning Astrup earlier this year. They identify with the Oase renewal movement that’s behind some of the most visible growth in the relatively independent (but still Lutheran) Valgmenighed churches nationwide. Kruse recently received leadership training at Aarhus Valgmenighed, and is also associated with “The Order of Mission,” a UK-based global network of missional leaders emphasizing revival and spiritual awakening. He’s dedicated to seeing the Danish church renewed.

Meanwhile, members of the Kolding church have been busy renovating their new building on Industrivej, where there’s plenty of room not only for worship and church offices, but also for classrooms and a café. They hope to officially move in during the first part of this year.

So what’s next in Kolding?

“I believe God has a plan for Kolding Valgmenighed,” says associate pastor Henning Astrup. “And that plan comes together for us when we travel together as His disciples.” 

PRAY for the pastors and staff in Kolding, that they’ll follow the Holy Spirit’s leading to reach their city for Christ. 

PRAY for the believers in Kolding, that they will dedicate themselves anew to living out the Great Commission in their city. 

PRAY for the people of Kolding, that they’ll see something new and different in the disciples at Kolding Valgmenighed. 

PRAY for revival in Kolding!


Unknown said...

My name is Ismael Cruz. Am pastor in Oaxaca city in Mexico.

On March I visited a cousin living in Kolding. He's from Mexico but has 13 years living there. Is there a phone number, or church address? I would like him to visit the church.

Blessings and encouragement from Mexico

Brad said...

You might try the church's contact page, here: