Monday, May 26, 2014

Camp meeting, Danish-style

Please start praying now for one of the highlights of the Danish summer: The annual “SommerOase” camp gathering, planned this year for July 12-19. It’s one of many Christian summer camps and events, and probably the largest.

photo: Jesper Rais
SommerOase is sure to draw hundreds of families -- including parents, kids, and youth groups -- for open air and tent meetings and worship in a large field near Odder (south of Aarhus).

This year’s theme is “Kongen og Korset” (The King and the Cross), a back-to-basics emphasis that seems especially appropriate in a country where even some church leaders and pastors seem confused about who Jesus really is.
“We want to celebrate Jesus as our king and honor him as our savior, who died on the cross for us,” explained DanskOase General Secretary Karsten Bach. “After all, that’s the essence of our faith.”

Worship leader Arvid Asmussen echoes Bach’s focus on the essence of faith, even as he prepares new music for the event and gets ready to lead worship times there.

“Lately, I think God has called me back to the foot of the cross,” he said, “where I’ve again come in contact with my own inadequacy, and have rediscovered Jesus as my savior. The answer is still ‘Jesus.’ There is no other way to the Father. There is no one like Jesus, who teaches me to live in the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Featured speaker is Ajith Fernando, internationally known author, speaker, and theologian. He leads Youth for Christ in his native Sri Lanka.

Kongen og Korset. It all adds up to a unique opportunity for renewal, revival, and spiritual growth.

PRAY for many unsaved and spiritually hungry to attend – and that their Christian friends will be bold enough to invite them along. PRAY that many will come to Christ this summer, or rededicate their lives to him.

PRAY that families will be strengthened and for Christians to grow in their faith.

PRAY for SommerOase leadership, that they’ll be sensitive to God’s leading, focusing on what the Lord wants from this event. PRAY for plenty of volunteers to help run events.

PRAY that Christians of different denominations will come together in unity here in a fun, camp atmosphere.

KEEP PRAYING until this event is over, July 20!

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