Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Transforming Danish Women

In a few weeks, hundreds of women from all across Denmark will gather in København for “Forvandling” (Transformation), the largest yearly Christian conference exclusively for women in Denmark. It’s a chance to enjoy life-changing Bible-based teaching and a chance to make new friends in a bi-cultural, Danish/English atmosphere. 

They listen to challenging speakers in Danish and English. They laugh. They’re pampered. They enjoy worship in a much larger group of believers than most are used to. According to founder Merete Tangstad, Forvandling encourages women of all ages to live out their God-given gifts, to have faith in God’s love that works through each of us, and then to make a difference in and through their local churches.

“We are women who will write history,” she said, “and when we act together, we can be the difference the world yearns for.” 

So yes, it sounds like a lot of fun. But it may be that outward focus that keeps women returning to the conference since it started in 2007. It’s designed to make an impact far beyond September 25 through 27.

“It’s really helped me in my everyday life,” explained Sissel, a young participant from rural north Jylland. “Especially at school, where I’m the only Christian. But also when I have to make decisions about which way I should go.” 

Though the event is sponsored by the independent Kirken i Kulturcenteret (The Church in the Cultural Center) in the Nørrebro district of the city, it’s staffed by believers (especially men) from a wide variety of churches.

Check out this video for a taste of the kind of bilingual sessions women enjoy at the conference. Then… 

PRAY that many women will be drawn to attend, and that their lives will be changed. 

PRAY that these women will return to their families and churches strengthened in their faith and effective in their witness. 

PRAY that relationships will be kindled and strengthened. 

PRAY for healing and restoration in their families. 

PRAY for the volunteer staff, speakers, and worship leaders, that God will also bless them in their service. 

PRAY that God’s Holy Spirit might use this conference to bring revival in Denmark.

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