Saturday, March 11, 2017

When church gets messy

For Danes on Bornholm Island who aren’t used to sitting through a traditional church service, there’s a new option: Messy Church. 

Designed to attract a broader spectrum of ages in a Bible-based gathering, Messy Church is perfect for kids and their parents, seekers and believers. Missionary Palle Kure of the Lutheran Indre Mission leads the outreach.

“At Messy Church we drop in for a cup of coffee,” says Palle. “Then there are activities, a game, a discussion group, or another activity. Afterwards there’s a Bible story and then we eat together.”

Not your typical church service. And while there’s very little of the kind of preaching where one person stands up and speaks, Palle says Messy Church preaching “is like a red thread through everything that happens.”

So this type of church brings together people of all ages, with no prerequisites, and introduces them to biblical truth. And Palle says they’re seeing new families join them every time they meet. 

PRAY for Messy Church, that more and more unchurched families on the island would discover Christ in these gatherings. 

PRAY for Palle Kure and others in leadership, for wisdom and courage to share the love of God with those who need to know him. 

PRAY that God would draw families together in new ways through Messy Church. 

PRAY for revival to spread through the Messy Church, throughout Bornholm Island and beyond to the rest of Denmark.

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