Saturday, June 17, 2017

The flame spreads

If you’ve been praying for Denmark for a while, you may recall a prayer movement in Djursland, a hilly Danish peninsula facing Sweden at the entrance to the Baltic Sea. (See Pray for Denmark, January 2016.)

This is exciting: Now that prayer movement is spreading throughout Denmark, as 1,300 people of all ages met earlier this month for the annual meeting of the Indre Mission renewal movement. At the close of their meeting, they banded together in small groups to pray for the entire country. In typical Danish fashion, the prayer time featured “Pray for Djursland” prayer candles, as reminders to remain faithful and keep praying for their land.

“Since we started praying for Djursland,” said Indre Mission missionary Egild Kildeholm Jensen, “I’ve started looking, anticipating how God will answer. . .  Many need to hear the Gospel.”

As Jensen shared examples of how God has answered prayer in individual lives during the past year, he explained how prayer itself is a sign of God’s work.

“When we pray,” he said, “it’s a reaction to God knocking on the door. So the fires of prayer for Djursland. . . show that it’s God who is knocking, because he loves this place.”

At the end of the meeting, the prayer flame was symbolically given to several attendees who represented different areas of their small country. Everyone also left with blue reminder ribbons printed with “Prayer for Denmark.”

PRAY that the fire of revival will light from these prayers, spreading throughout Denmark in a powerful new way.

PRAY for these faithful believers, concerned for their country and for the salvation of their neighbors, that they would boldly and compassionately share the light of Christ.

PRAY that many Danes would come to know the Light of the world, Jesus himself, in coming weeks, as a result of these prayers.

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