Saturday, November 03, 2018

Down from the mountaintop

What happens when a person returns from a great youth group event, a camp experience, or an exciting conference? We have yet to find out, as Danish youth from all over the country return to their everyday lives following the Brighter four-day youth conference, held last month in Mariager.

Brighter is a cooperative effort between groups like Youth for Christ, Vineyard Danmark, the Baptists, and the Lutheran Oasis renewal movement.

“Brighter is a cross-church youth event for the entire country,” said conference organizer Rasmus Jonstrup, “where you’re welcome just as you are. We live in a culture where so much revolves around things that have to be beautiful. There has to be a good presentation. It has to be impressive. The problem with that is it often becomes too shallow. And that’s not what we want at Brighter. In contrast, we want a conference that’s authentic. Where there’s room for all our humanity. All our mistakes, and all our doubts. We want a conference where there’s room for all, just as we are. Where we can be real in all that we do. Our songs, and our teaching. And in our fellowship. Brighter is for everyone.”

For many Danish youth, it’s been a mountaintop experience. And why not? The teaching, music, fun, and fellowship… everything they enjoyed at Brighter must have seemed larger than life. Especially if they returned to school assignments and family tensions. To small towns and small churches.

Let’s pray for these young Danes now, that the glow of this special time will remain, and that what they learned will carry through to the next few months… before it’s time to return to the Brighter mountaintop next fall!

PRAY for all the young Danes who attended this national youth conference, that God would help them apply and live what they learned and experienced.

PRAY for youth leaders across Denmark, that they would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading as they face the coming year.

PRAY for more workers to be inspired as they follow up and return to their daily routines.

PRAY for revival among Denmark’s young people, that God would move through their lives and their examples to bring a whole new generation to Jesus Christ.

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