Sunday, November 14, 2021

Like a relatively normal human being

Last month we met Tine and Anker in the amazing video series from Movingworks. If you haven’t seen that short video yet, take a moment and watch. It’s one of five such videos with honest, moving testimonies from Danish people who have come to follow Christ in a culture that often denies Him. 

The videos are meant to challenge Danish people and draw them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. They’re in Danish, of course, but subtitled in English, so it’s easy to follow along. And pray! But let’s also look at another video. In “The Highest Passion,” we meet Manuel—a thoughtful husband and father, and a well-regarded professional at a Danish engineering and architectural firm. His vital faith sets him apart from his co-workers, however, and in this story he explains how he navigates that path.

“It’s always surprising when someone finds out that I have the job I have,” he explains with a smile, “and seem like a relatively normal human being, and, at the same time, am very committed to faith, and actually believe what is written in the Bible.”

Let’s pray for Manuel and other Danish believers like him, as they live lives of faith in their culture today. Here’s a link to the video.

PRAY for Manuel, that he would continue to be a shining light in his marketplace, that co-workers and clients would see Christ in him, and be drawn to faith.

PRAY that Christians in Denmark would boldly and winsomely share their faith on the job.

PRAY that many Danes would come across this video and want to learn more about the Jesus who makes such a difference in the life of a successful businessperson. 

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Unknown said...

As prayer partnar I wish this Organisation of DENMARK always blessed for this world CHRISTINS Countries withj you God bless you Our CHURCH praying you all for strengthen IN JESUS proclime the GOSPEL OF CHTIST till LORD JESUS COMES. 1 John 1:3