Sunday, July 16, 2023

After a decade, what's next?

Let’s visit another Danish church fellowship that is making a difference in their community—and that could use our prayers. The “Borgerkirken” (Citizen’s Church) in the central Jylland city of Silkeborg.

This city of some 50,000 people contains a number of evangelical churches, but the challenge remains. And as a free (not a state Lutheran) church, Borgerkirken has been in the news recently for two reasons: They just celebrated their tenth anniversary, and they just hired a new lead pastor. Bent Skovhus began serving in April.

Borgerkirken tackles head-on the fact that only two or three percent of Danes regularly attend church services on any given Sunday. “That’s far too few!” says the church’s website. “But the church has unfortunately become distant, and not very relevant in the lives of Danes.”

Under Pastor Skovhus’s leadership, Borgerkirken members are working to build new bridges, not only with relevant Bible preaching on Sundays, but also with an inviting meal after services. It’s a great place to connect. They also promote small groups for discussion and personal connection—men’s groups and women’s groups. 

“We want to transform Denmark,” says the church’s vision statement, “by freshly communicating the gospel, living the gospel ourselves, and reestablishing the worth of all.”

Let’s join in prayer for Silkeborg and the Borgerkirken!

PRAY for Pastor Bent Skovhus in his new position as lead pastor. Pray for energy and vision as he settles into the community.

PRAY for Borgerkirken’s small groups. These are the front lines. Pray that believers would be built up and that not-yet believers would be drawn to attend, and that the groups would flourish and multiply.

PRAY that faith would grow anew in Silkeborg and that revival in Denmark might spread from this strategic city.

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