Saturday, March 24, 2007

A Potpourri of Prayer Requests

Pray for Denmark has continuing contact with a large number of friends in Denmark, including pastors and laypersons in local churches, leaders of Christian organizations, and a number of those who have initiated contact with us through the website. Some I have had the privilege of meeting personally. There are many needs that surface through these various contacts and the interchange of email messages. Let me share a few of these with you in the hope that you will join with us in prayer on their behalf.

PRAY for a young American believer who is currently playing professionally for one of the Danish basketball teams in Jutland. He first contacted us for assistance in finding a church or group with whom he could have fellowship. He needs prayer that he will be able to stand true to his faith in difficult and demanding circumstances.

PRAY for a young Scot lassie who recently arrived in Denmark and is attending a college in Sjæland to enhance her training and experience as a teacher. She is a believer who craves fellowship with other believers. In response to her request we have helped her by making some suggestions of possibilities of fellowship with Danish believers in Holbæk.

PRAY for a fine Danish couple in Kolding who are loving parents of two autistic children. They are believers and need prayer for wisdom and strength in caring for their children's needs day by day.

PRAY that a Christian faculty member and Campus Crusade advisor at a community college in Minnesota will have many opportunities for witness with Danish exchange students from Svendborg. We have been able to put him in touch with Anders Seekjær, a leader in Funen of the Danish counterpart of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. The prayer need is that upon their return to Denmark there will be good follow-up with these exchange students who have shown some interest in having a Christian group similar to the one they attended in Minnesota.

PRAY for a newly married couple temporarily working at a Christian facility near Aalborg in Jutland. They are concerned and a bit anxious to know God's will for their future and more permanent ministry together. He has a German father and Danish mother and has had some training at an American Bible college. His bride comes from America. Some of their plans have been frustrated by changes in visa regulations. Our hope is that if it is His will the Lord will guide them into ministry in Denmark.

PRAY for a fine young theological student attending one of the universities in Jutland. He is a strong believer intending upon completion of his studies to become a minister of the Danish State Church (Folkekirke). The liberal university environment is not especially friendly to a student who espouses an evangelical and evangelistic faith. Our prayer is that he will remain committed to his faith in Christ during his time at the university.

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