Monday, March 12, 2007

The Salvation Army at Work in Denmark

The Salvation Army is an evangelical Christian church founded in England in 1865 by William and Catherine Booth. With its unique quasi-military organizational structure, this faith community now has work in 109 countries with over a million members worldwide (the Army calls its members "soldiers"). With its Christian heritage and motivation, the Salvation Army has been supremely successful in wedding evangelism with works of a social nature, based on its sense of the interdependence of material, emotional, and spiritual needs. It has never surrendered its essential biblical base, and has long fed and sheltered the hungry and homeless, ministering to the "down-and-outers" in countries around the world. It has been at the forefront of the rehabilitation and restoration of those having problems with alcohol. The Salvation Army is prepared and can be counted on always to be among the very first on the scene of any catastrophe wherever in the world it may occur. As an organization it casts spiritual vision on all of the dimensions of human need through its churches (corps), social work, crisis centers, work with children, youth, and adults, rehabilitation, thrift stores, and the like.

The work of the Salvation Army in Denmark dates from 1887 where it is known by its Danish branch name Frelsens Hær. Its purpose is one with that of The Salvation Army International: "Dens opgave er at forkynde evangeliet om Jesus Kristus og i hans navn møde de menneskelige behov uden diskrimination" (Its task is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and in His name to meet human need without discrimination). Frelsens Hær has 34 corps (churches) in Denmark with 1072 soldier-members and 172 civilian members. It operates three recycling centers and 21 thriftshops, 16 social institutions, and six "åbent-hus" centers. According to the latest available figures, Frelsens Hær provided help to more than 160,000 persons in Denmark during 2005 with Christmastime assistance offered to 6000 families. For further information, click on the following informative webpages: or

PRAISE GOD that though relatively small in number, the "soldiers" of Frelsens Hær are quietly and without compromise or fanfare providing for the material, emotional, and spiritual needs of thousands every year in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

PRAY for adequate financial support for the many social and evangelistic ministries of Frelsens Hær on behalf of needy Danish children, youth, and adults.

PRAY for the newly appointed leaders of Frelsens Hær in Denmark as they enter upon their many responsibilities. Lieutenant Colonel Erling Maeland will begin his work on July 1 following the retirement of Colonels Michael and Ina Marvell. Colonel Maeland's wife, Lieutenant Colonel Signe Helene Maeland, will work alongside him as the leader of Frelsens Hær children's division.

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