Monday, October 28, 2013

A New, Danish Vision for Reaching Students

We’ve been praying for unity and revival in Aalborg, but here’s yet another angle: Aalborg is a university city, with some 30,000 students -- nearly 30 percent of the city’s population! About 4,500 are international students.

Those students represent a huge mission field, especially as new international students arrived this fall. And an initiative called “Aalborg International Friends” is working to reach them in the name of Christ.

The group has two main goals: to serve as a bridge between international and Danish students, and to provide a safe place where international students can learn more about Jesus.

They’ve already sponsored a welcome event. After a talent show in October, they’re now planning a Thanksgiving dinner in November and a Christmas celebration in December. Keep those events in prayer.

Three Aalborg churches support the movement: Bethelkirken (Baptist) and its Koinonia International Fellowship, the Apostolsk (Apostolic) Kirke, and Frikirken International Church. American Lee Hanson serves as international pastor at Bethelkirken (see previous post, 10/20/13), while Ruth and Martin Mutale from Zambia work with Danish student pastor Henrik Holmgaard in the Apostolsk Kirke. Paul Conrad and Kelvin Sam work together at Frikirken.

All of these leaders need our prayer as they help Danish and international students discover direction and purpose in life.

And one more thing: The Aalborg Christian Student Network is a work in progress. In the formative stages, they’re looking for student leaders to step up, and for local churches to catch a vision for reaching out to the considerable student population. Says Lee Hanson, “We need wisdom as we (pastors, churches, and students) walk together, seeking God's direction and power to accomplish this.” 

PRAY for bridges to be built between Danish and international students, and that the churches will step in to provide those bridges. 

PRAY for Aalborg International Friends, and for the success of each of their holiday outreach events. 

PRAY that God will raise up student leadership in the newly forming Aalborg Christian Student Network, and that churches will join them, as well. 

PRAY for revival among Danish and international students in Aalborg!

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