Sunday, October 06, 2013

From Concert Hall to God’s Hall

This fall, Aalborg Citykirke is reaching out in a new way to the unchurched and those who aren’t used to formal church services by setting up “Open Café Church” in the city’s well-known concert hall -- Skråen in Nordkraft.

Of course Aalborg residents are used to hearing everything from opera to rock concerts in the familiar public venue. But this is something new. With seating and tables for 450, there’s plenty of room for families and children, who are welcomed with refreshments and a music program they call “Familieguf” (Family Treats). After the first half hour, children are directed to the concert hall’s upstairs playground, while adults continue through the afternoon with singing, faith stories, and sharing from the Scriptures.

It’s an experiment; three concert hall outreach services are planned through the autumn months. Church members are hoping to offer an especially welcoming atmosphere where guests are free to come as they are. Citykirke leadership is also hoping this kind of worship service will point to Jesus, while prompting visitors to get to know him better.

“It’s all about being the church where people are, and not just in one place, in one building,” says Citykirke pastor Carsten Jensen. “And I think our musicians, singers, and co-workers look forward to the change of pace, to meeting new people in new places.”

PRAY for this outreach, that many people who would never enter a more traditional church might be drawn to faith in Christ in this informal setting.

PRAY for the regular attenders at Citykirke, that their vision would grow even more as they reach out to their neighbors in new ways.

PRAY for revival at Aalborg Citykirke, that God would make Himself known there and that many would come to recognize their need for the Savior of their city.

PRAY for co-pastors Carsten Jensen and Dan Jacobi, for courage to continue seeking God in new ways in their ministry there.

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Unknown said...

I'll be praying that God can show his glory and love for everyone.