Saturday, February 22, 2014

Open-faced Sandwich Evangelism

They love their city -- and its people. Through a monthly outreach called “Elsk Aalborg” (Love Aalborg), believers at Aalborg’s Valgmenighed church are demonstrating the love of Christ in very tangible ways.

Like making hundreds of delicious (and lovely) Danish-style open-face sandwiches. Last month, families at this growing evangelical church became a sandwich factory, bringing together some of their best family and traditional recipes. Once done, they delivered heaping trays of their handiwork to people in need of a good meal at the city’s “varmestue” (“warm den”) centers. These church-sponsored storefronts offer food and a caring hand to anyone off the street.

But this unusual fellowship isn’t stopping there. Their contemporary worship services fill a large commercial loft in downtown Aalborg every Sunday, and they’re still looking to grow. In fact, they have a vision for planting other “missional” fellowships -- new, vibrant churches designed to make disciples through focused outreach and faith lived out in community. As part of the financially independent “valgmenighed” branch of the state Lutheran church, they want to be a model for church growth throughout their region of northern Jylland. 

Pray especially for their energetic young pastor, Jesper Fodgaard. Among other things, he makes good use of social media, inviting members (and would-be members) to join them through creative weekly videos.

PRAY for the families of Aalborg Valgmenighed, that God would show them new ways to reach out in the name of Christ as they “Love Aalborg.” From sandwichmaking to… ?

PRAY for Pastor Fodgaard and his family, for continued vision and God’s Spirit.

PRAY that this church would become a new model for growth and outreach throughout northern Jylland.

THANK GOD that He is doing new things in Denmark.

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