Sunday, April 19, 2015

Gospel Kids!

All across Denmark, more and more groups of children are meeting to practice, sing, dance, and perform – all for God’s glory! The name may not sound very Danish, but “Gospel Kids” clubs were founded in 2003 by Inger Lise Møller as a way to bring the gospel of Jesus to young children and teens, giving them a chance to make friends as they learn and perform Christian songs. Today more than 20 groups meet across the country.

The program is based on the idea that kids learn best when they have a chance to move, dance, sing, and have fun! It’s affiliated with the Danish Indre Mission (IM-musik) and state church Sunday schools, but depends on public donations and volunteer leadership. Most recently, Gospel Kids groups sang at a two-day Gospel Kids Festival Jylland, which also featured choir leader training, dance workshops, and voice training.

Here’s a sample of one of their performances.

What will God do with hundreds of young lives surrendered to him?

PRAY that God would touch more and more young people through Gospel Kids groups and performances.

PRAY for the volunteer leaders all across Denmark, and that God would inspire new leaders to join in.

PRAY that people would see the love of Christ shining clearly in these young lives.

PRAY for revival in Denmark, and the part these children might play in it.

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