Sunday, August 23, 2015

Why are all these people smiling?

Why are all these people smiling?

Perhaps because of the way God is working in their church this year. Members of Kristus Kirken (a reformed Baptist fellowship in Bjerringbro, north-central Jylland) have been busy this summer. Here’s what’s happening, according to their pastor, Henrik Mortensen.

·      They’re welcoming several new members, with a baptism service planned for the end of the month.
·      They’re reaching more listeners with Biblical preaching, through online sermons. “We’re thankful for the number of downloads,” writes Pastor Mortensen, “considering how small a language Danish is.”
·      They’re expanding their literature ministry, translating and producing more biblical materials to help ground their people in God’s word.
·      They’re opening their front doors and singing traditional Danish hymns -- and people around their Bjerringbro neighborhood are hearing the music!

Pastor Mortensen asks for prayer for their growing group, and for their outreach. Here are several specific ways to pray…

PRAY for the people of Bjerringbro who receive tracts and hear from church members, as well as for those who hear the enthusiastic singing wafting down the street every Sunday morning. Pray that more and more people would come to know the Savior as a result of this witness.

PRAY for those who will be baptized this month, and that many more would follow in this clear witness for Christ.

PRAY for members of Kristus Kirken who are reaching out to the lonely and the seekers. This kind of caring is counter-cultural, but certainly scriptural! Adds Pastor Mortensen: “And may we find more individuals laid at our door.”

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