Sunday, July 12, 2015

One summer week

Every year we pray for Denmark’s largest annual Christian family retreat -- SommerOase. It began Saturday, July 11 in Odder (just south of Aarhus) and continues through the week. Thousands fill the fields surrounding a local school in their tents and trailers to experience Bible teaching, seminars, games, sports, family activities, concerts, and times of praise.

They’re also learning new music. Danish worship leaders have been working for months on a new collection of singable and authentically Danish praise tunes, part of the “Til Vores Gud” (“To Our God”) project that is bringing together the Danish church in powerful new ways. (A sampler here.)

For a better idea of what all the activities look like, check out this video from last summer’s event.

One of the most significant aspects of this annual gathering is the way it taps into the strong Danish culture of spending summers outdoors, of Danes enjoying the long days at the beach or camping in tents or cabins with family. SommerOase builds on that lovely tradition, but with a clear spiritual boost. So this is kind of place where renewal can be sparked in Denmark. Among friends. Among families. Among God’s family. This is where lives can be changed on a warm July evening (perhaps this week?) when Danish voices join together to sing, and they’re met by God’s Holy Spirit.

Please pray for SommerOase 2015.

PRAY for families to be drawn together in fresh surrender to God as they hear his word taught.

PRAY for young people to see their need for Jesus Christ.

PRAY that workers, leaders, and teachers to be filled with God’s Spirit and follow his leading.

PRAY for their health and safety, and for boldness to seek God.

PRAY for many unbelievers to be drawn to the gathering this year, especially the free invitational day on Thursday July 16. Pray that many would be saved, and for recommitment and deeper faith among believers.

PRAY for God to be present especially in the worship times, for revival to spread from this field.

PRAY for lasting positive change and growth in Danish lives and in the Danish church, that it might begin here.

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