Sunday, September 20, 2015

They're open to... what, exactly?

In a few weeks a small group of young Danish Christians will gather in central Jylland for a special weekend of encouragement, worship, prayer, and challenges. It’s called “Frimodig (Openness) Weekend.” And make no mistake: These 17- to 25-year-olds are open to God’s Spirit, open to deepening their faith. They care about following Jesus, no matter where it takes them.

The weekend is sponsored by the Danish chapter of Open Doors, which focuses on persecuted believers worldwide. And many of the Danish participants have been involved with awareness campaigns and prayer for Christians in the Middle East and other high-risk areas of the globe.

In this case, October 2-4 will be a time for the young Danes to deepen relationships with each other and with the Lord. It may be a time when God impresses them with a call to lifetime service, or opens their eyes to the needs of persecuted Christians. It may be a time when God’s Spirit calls these young church leaders to influence their generation for Jesus Christ. They need our prayers.

PRAY that God would bring together just the right group, and that finances would come through for each participant.

PRAY that God would touch their hearts and meet them in a special way.

PRAY that God would open their eyes to needs in their own schools, neighborhoods, and beyond.

PRAY that God would give them hearts of compassion for the world, and that this outward-focused love would spill out across the Danish church.

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