Thursday, June 02, 2016

Gospel sets sail this summer

Pray for the outreach and prayer ministry of the Bethel, a seagoing outreach associated with Denmark’s “Sømandsmissionen,” or Seaman’s Mission. Each summer, skipper Hanus Poulsen and his crew visit some 20 Danish ports of call, offering a safe haven for sailors.

“Typically we put in at the larger ports, where you see the freighters,” explained Poulsen. “A lot of sailors are a long way from home, and they like to stop by. We give them a cup of coffee, we listen, and we pray. Twice a day we have devotions, where all are welcome.”

As a floating ministry the Bethel (which mean’s “God’s House”) takes a low-key approach, and in typical Danish fashion the crew is never pushy. But most visitors recognize it as the kind of spiritual retreat lonely sailors need. And in a country that depends on maritime traffic for so much of its livelihood, the brightly painted blue and white vessel is a natural way to reach out with the gospel. Local school groups and curious families who hear about the ship are also welcomed aboard for a tour.

PRAY for Hanus Poulsen and his crew, that they would be receptive to the spiritual needs of visitors.

PRAY that God would touch hurting lives through the twice-daily devotional times, and bring just the right people to visit this summer.

PRAY that lives would be changed with the gospel and that even local Danes would come to know Christ through the ministry of the Bethel.

PRAY that revival in Denmark would spread through this compassionate floating ministry.

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