Sunday, September 22, 2019

I'd rather have Jesus

The Internationalt Kristent Center opened its doors in Copenhagen thirty years ago this month. Since then, thousands of new Danes and immigrants have visited, finding hope and encouragement in Jesus… and (in typical Danish fashion) a cup of coffee and a pastry.

The biggest draw at the center is their free Danish language classes, offered for women as well as for mixed groups. Visitors can also take advantage of English classes, “Sprogcafeen” (Language Café, where volunteers offer to help visitors practice their language skills), regular Bible studies, counseling, cross-cultural summer camps, meals, badminton, and the occasional fun celebration.

In all this, workers and volunteers at the Center share the love of Jesus, and they make sure all their visitors feel welcome.

Majken Rokni, a cross-cultural worker at the center, told the story of one visitor: “A woman said that she had received a Bible from us, and now she wanted to read it. ‘Because your God talks about love,’ said the visitor, ‘and Islam’s god does not. I would rather have Jesus.’”

PRAY for the ongoing ministry at IKC, that immigrants and others would find hope (and Jesus) there.

PRAY for the volunteers and workers, for encouragement and the opportunity to share their faith.

PRAY that God would continue to change more and more lives at the IKC.

PRAY that revival would begin in this center, and that God would awaken his people at the IKC.

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