Saturday, November 30, 2019

Church is open!

Over the next several blog posts, let’s visit some Danish churches, get to know the people there, and pray for them.

First stop: Åbenkirke (OpenChurch), a lively, growing family church with branches in both Herning and Copenhagen, as well as a sister church in Zambia.

While the worship services at Åbenkirke might remind you of a similar evangelical church in the US, this church isn’t quite typical for Denmark. Services are led by a band up front, and the worship is thoroughly contemporary.

There’s also a strong emphasis on outreach here. Stop by their website this month, and you’ll see links to recent sermons, an invitation to a singles Christmas feast, a signup page for an Alpha (seeker’s) course, and more about joining a small group. There’s something for everyone, with ministries for children, young people, and adults. The church runs a café, and employs six pastors—also unusual for Danish churches. And since this fellowship was planted in 2007, there’s been an emphasis on building a welcoming atmosphere for all.

“Who says church has to be sad and boring,” says their Facebook page, “with no room for smiles and dancing?”

There’s plenty of both at Åbenkirke. Watch this short video, with English subtitles, called “Se Min Kirke” (“See My Church”):

And then let’s:

PRAY that many unchurched would come to faith in Christ this holiday season through the outreach of Åbenkirke.

PRAY for renewal among those who regularly attend, that they would come to know Jesus better.

PRAY for the pastoral staff: Lars Bo Olesen (lead pastor), Niels-Peter Hedegaard, Allan Høyer, Andreas Jørgensen, Esben Dulwich Engholm, and Jens Erik Asmussen. Ask God to given them wisdom and a heart for ministry, and to keep them safe.

PRAY for revival in the cities of Herning and Copenhagen, and that God would continue to use the believers in Åbenkirke in new and exciting ways.

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