Sunday, December 15, 2019

A Christmas party in Aarhus

When it’s Christmas, most Danish churches look forward to holiday lights. But the believers at the Aarhus Vineyard really know how to celebrate. Let’s visit.

Aarhus Vineyard is relatively new, planted in Denmark’s second-largest city in the spring of 2017. They’re a member of the worldwide Vineyard movement of churches found in more than 90 countries.

On their Facebook page, they explain they’re a church for people who “aren’t used to going to church. We’re a fellowship with everyday, imperfect people who have a big dream for our city!”

Worship at Aarhus Vineyard is contemporary and relaxed, a “come as you are” atmosphere that seeks to include seekers or those who are unsure of the Christian faith. There’s a heavy emphasis on including families with children. But along with their Sunday worship, there’s an equal emphasis on involving people in small home groups, as a place for fellowship, accountability, and spiritual growth.

What really sets Aarhus Vineyard apart is its outward focus and their love for “the least of these” in their city. Their bold “Plan A” ministry reaches out to women caught up in the city’s bordellos and massage parlors, bringing them a message of forgiveness and redemption. Aarhus Vineyard members have also started a food and fellowship group for vulnerable street people, where they gather at a drop-in center to prepare meals and share God’s love. And this Christmas, the church has been sharing the love of Christ by collecting and distributing gifts to needy children and their families.

“We don’t just want to keep to ourselves,” says their website. “We want to be a church that reaches out and shows God’s love to people, right where they are in their lives, with a dream of seeing God’s kingdom break through.”

PRAY for the leadership at Aarhus Vineyard, that they would remain grounded in God’s grace and truth.

PRAY for growth in the church’s small groups, for boldness among group members to keep reaching out, and for even more unbelievers to be introduced to the Savior.

PRAY for holiday events and services at Aarhus Vineyard, for Christmas and New Year’s, for the outreach and the worship, for the celebration, and that many will come to know Christ.

PRAY for revival in Aarhus and beyond, that God will use Aarhus Vineyard in new and exciting ways.

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