Sunday, September 05, 2021

4 languages, 1 new church!

Pray for the believers in Vollsmose, a suburb of Denmark’s third-largest city, Odense. Four distinct “small” groups have formed with the intention of growing into a single fellowship, associated with the existing Odense Vineyard fellowship. Their target date for meeting all together for the first time is this October.

But these are not typical small groups. Each one is meeting around a different language: Danish, English, Greenlandic, and Arabic.

“In the network groups, we’re going to get to know each other, learn who God is, pray together, and have fellowship with each other,” said Sebastian Olesen, the overall group leader and church planter. “When there are enough people in these groups, we’re going to start monthly worship services (or something like that) that the people of Vollsmose can relate to.”

That will be an interesting challenge, as Vollsmose is known as one of the most ethnically diverse areas of the country. But that distinction provides Christians there with opportunities and challenges for spreading the gospel. At one gathering of the area’s Muslims, Christians set up a booth to give away juice and dates. Their hand-painted poster read, “We are Christians, and we love Muslims!”

Watch a video (English subtitles) of their encounter here and see an English-language version of their website here.

Vineyard fellowships came to Denmark in 1997, and are known for their emphasis on Biblical teaching in a relaxed atmosphere. Today there are eight Vineyard churches around the country.

PRAY for each of the fellowship groups as they meet: Danish, English, Greenlandic, and Arabic. Each will be welcoming both believers and not-yet-believers, and will face unique challenges as they examine the Scriptures and pray for each other.

PRAY for unity during a time of disunity, that God would weave together these four different groups into a unique new fellowship in the fall. 

PRAY for the leadership of these groups, for wisdom and insight into the unique needs of their people. Pray for Sebastian Olesen, that he would have wisdom to deal with whatever comes up, and courage to follow where God leads. 

PRAY for revival in Vollsmose, that Jesus would be lifted up in that multi-ethnic city! 

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