Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Calvary Chapel Scandinavian Conference 2005

The Calvary Chapel fellowship in Denmark has asked that visitors to Pray for pray especially for preparations being made for the 2005 Scandinavian Conference and ministry workshops in Malmo, Sweden, August 11-14. The conference theme this year is Serving God in a Post-Christian Europe. This is an annual conference of fellowship, edification, and motivation for ministry. The annual conference gathers people from all over the world, but is especially geared to those from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden that have ties to the work of Calvary Chapel. One of the main speakers at this year's conference will be Pastor Pierre Petrignani from Calvary Chapel in Nice, France. In 1992, Pierre decided to return to France with his wife, Nancy, to plant a Calvary Chapel ministry in his hometown of Nice in Southern France. Pierre had lived for some years in Seattle, Washington, where he came to faith in Jesus Christ. For the last 13 years, he has experienced both the "ups and downs," the joys and struggles, of a new church plant as he has ministered to his European countrymen. The second guest is a Scot, Pastor Peter Will, from the Calvary Chapel in Hanover, Germany. He has served in Germany for a number of years and will be able to share some of his experiences in going to another European country to plant a new church. Pastor Kent Akerlund, of Malmo's Calvary Chapel will also be teaching at the conference and possibly, if his schedule and obligations permit, Pastor David Guzik from the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Siegen, Germany. For further information, visit the following websites: and

PRAY for the pastor and people of the host church, Calvary Chapel of Malmo, as they plan and prepare for hosting the August 11-14 conference.

PRAY for a good attendance and participation and that the Lord Jesus will use this conference to draw each attendee even closer to Him in commitment and usefulness in ministry.

PRAY that the ministry of the speakers, Pastors Pierre Petrignani, Peter Will, and Kent Akerlund, will make the conference a high point in attendees' spiritual growth and motivation for ministry.

PRAY that the Spirit of the Lord will inspire and call those whom He wishes to use for work in Scandinavia (including, of course, Denmark), giving everyone ears to hear His calling and hearts to obey.

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