Friday, May 13, 2005

Global Day of Prayer on Pentecost Sunday, May 15

Believers worldwide are joining in a Global Day of Prayer this Sunday, May 15, to build a canopy of prayer over all the continents. A statement from the movement's webpage states, "Over the past five years a vision was born and is being realized that is and has been the blessing of millions of people and whole continents. This dream has been the hope of many, including the prophets, and is now being joined with a critical mass and modern technology to bless the whole earth. Certainly, this story represents a call and a movement of God. Soon the whole earth will be affected." Visit the movement's website: where full information and a manual may be found in many languages of the world, including English and Danish. Though we do not have the details, the movement is spreading to Denmark and we understand observance of the day is scheduled at least in Copenhagen. We urge all visitors to this Pray for page to participate in the Global Day of Prayer this Sunday, May 15.

PRAY that believers and churches throughout Denmark will be alerted to the Global Day of Prayer and become a part of this significant and very powerful worldwide effort.

PRAY that the prayers of God's people on this Global Day of Prayer will truly contribute to the building of a veritable canopy of prayer over all the continents and nations, including Denmark.

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