Friday, May 06, 2005

Ungdom med Opgave (YWAM Denmark)

Founded in 1960, Youth With a Mission (YWAM) has become one of the largest international and interdenominational mission organizations in the world. With a staff of 11,000 at work in 900 locations and 140 countries, YWAM is a multifaceted ministry-driven mission with a pioneering spirit. It has a magnificent, creative approach to getting the gospel of Christ out to the world using means and methods more traditional missions have been reluctant to utilize. The extent of YWAM's ministries boggles the mind. For example, Bill recently participated in a short-term mission project with the seniors from the church he attends at Gleanings for the Hungry in Sultana, California. Gleanings is a YWAM food-processing base that with the help of many volunteers prepares and sends tons of sun-dried fruit and dried soup mix for missionary distribution to the poor and needy in 40 different countries. Everywhere it works, YWAM uses an astonishing array of family, training, and mercy ministries along with its focal approaches in evangelization and soul-winning. YWAM (Ungdom med Opgave in Danish) first came to Denmark in 1972 in a work pioneered by Bente and Leon Have Thomsen. YWAM Denmark's mission statement reads: "To communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ in a relevant way to all areas of society--in Denmark and abroad." The central office for Ungdom med Opgave is at Sjellebro, Randervej 195, 8544-Morke, Denmark, located a few miles souteast of the city of Randers in Jutland. For further information about YWAM International and Ungdom med Opgave on the Internet, visit the following webpages: and .

PRAY for the current Ungdom med Opgave staff, including base director Christen Lundager, his wife Merete, Lisbeth and Henrik Thomsen, Anette and Martin Leegaard, Jan Mortensen, Monika Wyss, Rua Lii, Gorm Kroeger, and Marianne and Hans Olesen.

PRAY for the leadership and teachers participating in the Den Gyldne Alders Lejr (Golden Age Camp) for those over age 50 that is scheduled this month, May 26-29, and two family camps coming in July: Sjellebro Family Camp, July 2-8 and Fjellerup Family Camp, July 9-16. PRAY too for other camps and outreaches that are planned for later in the year.

PRAY for a genuine work of the Spirit in each camper attending one of these camps, whether believer or unbeliever, and for the Lord Jesus to be exalted and the Word of God presented clearly. PRAY especially for the salvation of those who have yet to confess Christ as Savior and Lord.

PRAY that the Lord will direct those He is leading to attend the Discipleship Training School that begins at Sjellebro on September 5 and concludes on February 17, 2006. DTS is a six-month program, required of all who join the staff of YWAM, a curriculum that provides six months of intensive teaching on how to live a radical life for Jesus Christ, followed by a three-month outreach somewhere in the world. YWAM has separate DTS programs for those of ages 18-25 and for those over age 25.

PRAY that God will call men and women to fill a number of service opportunities available at YWAM Denmark and that He will lay it on the hearts of His people to provide needed prayer and financial support for all of its staff and varied ministries.

PRAY that the dynamic evangelistic and ministries vision of Danish YWAM, Ungdom med Opgave, will strongly influence churches throughout Denmark and serve as a model for what Spirit-led and committed believers can do in reaching Denmark for Christ.

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