Sunday, January 05, 2014

Prayer Week 2014: Day 1

Today, Sunday, January 5, marks the beginning of a yearly prayer emphasis in Denmark, appropriately called “Bedeuge 2014,” or “Prayer Week 2014.” (Bede=Pray, Uge=Week.) It’s organized by the Evangelical Alliance (see PFD 5/21/13), and brings together believers in churches across the country under the question, “Shall we stand together and pray for Denmark?”

Shall we? The question goes to the heart of the “Pray for Denmark” ministry. And through your prayer and heart for Denmark, you join not only with PFD across North America and worldwide, but you join now with Danish believers at a time when many of them are on their knees daily, seeking God for mercy and direction in their country. So it’s a particularly good week for us to join them in prayer.

Prayer Week organizers are offering a daily theme for each day of this week, which we’ll pass along to you, as well. Here’s what they tell us on their Facebook entry for Sunday, January 5:

Prayer Week begins today, Sunday. The theme for the week is “Each Other,” with suggested daily prayer building from there. For example, the first day’s theme is “Love One Another.” We don’t often use the word “love” in the form of a command. But love between Christians can be described as a command. Namely, we love, because he first loved us.

Yes, we shall stand together and pray for Denmark. We can do no less.

THANK GOD that Christ first loved us, and ACKNOWLEDGE before him that we have often loved others… not enough.

PRAY for believers across Denmark today, that their lives might shine even more brightly in a land darkened by self-interest, consumerism, and sin. (Isn’t that like our own land?)

PRAY for a new, Spirit-led unity among Christians in Denmark -- that Lutherans, independents, Baptists, Pentecostals, and free church members might find common ground under the lordship of Jesus Christ.

PRAY that Danish believers might also find fresh encouragement in each other, and that they would boldly proclaim Jesus as they seek Him.

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