Friday, January 10, 2014

Prayer Week 2014: Day 7

Now it’s Saturday, Day 7 of “Bedeuge,” (Prayer Week) in Denmark. We’ve been praying often for unity across denominational lines, and that seems to be a deeply felt need there. Keep that in mind as you continue to pray for revival there. Jesus prayed this prayer himself. God hears this prayer.

Meanwhile, today’s theme is “Bear With One Another,” as described in Colossians 3:13. In other words, make allowance for each other’s faults. And the key here is “each other.” It goes both ways: We forgive those who offend us, and they forgive us. We remember that we have our quirks and weaknesses, just like everyone else. Following the example of Jesus, it’s one of the keys to keeping peace within the local (and larger) Body of Christ. It’s also a critical practice in a small country where many of the smaller churches are scattered, where believers can sometimes feel they’re on their own in small fellowships.

THANK God for the example he gives us, loving us despite our shortcomings.

PRAY that Danish Christians will put past divisions behind them, looking at each other afresh with the eyes of Jesus.

PRAY that the change will be so remarkable, that unbelievers will take notice, and that many will be drawn to fellowships where ordinary people bear with one another.

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