Sunday, January 26, 2014

An American in Aarhus

For months, Amy Emerson wasn’t sure if she could even stay in Denmark. As a young American volunteer with Youth for Christ, she had arrived in the country back in the summer of 2011, full of hope that God would use her to help disciple Danish students. Though her new home in Aarhus was a world away from her Minneapolis upbringing, she was ready to tackle the challenges of learning Danish, making new friends, and reaching out to strangers from another culture. She had already prayed through many obstacles, not the least of which was raising her monthly support from friends and family back in the States. Still, none of that is easy. And it’s especially not easy for someone like her to secure a visa. 

Today Amy helps lead a team of YFC volunteers who are enrolled in an 11-month discipleship program. Together they learn more about Christian leadership, and then in turn minister to middle school students. Amy reports that she and her team share God’s love with 6,000 students throughout the year. 

Among other things, Amy also organizes YFC-sponsored outreach and music events. She’s active in her bilingual church, Eurolife Kirke, in their outreach and ministry to university students. 

And yes, her visa application was accepted last November -- a clear answer to prayer. That means she can now renew her visa yearly for the next five years, then apply for permanent residence.

“I am overwhelmed with the excitement of this process being over and being at peace with my life here in Denmark,” she writes in her blog. “Tomorrow I can go through my day without worrying if it is the last day at my job or in my home. I feel extremely blessed by the many people that have taken the time to pray for and also trust in God’s plan for my life and ministry. Above all, I am humbled by this place and life that God has given me and the fact that this journey has only just begun.” 

Still there are challenges ahead. A major outreach effort, the “Volontør” (“Apprentice”) program, has the potential to reach thousands of Danish teens – but needs qualified leaders to make it happen. It’s slated for a relaunch in 2014, and Amy asks for prayer and wisdom.

Please pray with us for Amy, for the people she works with, and for revival among Danish teens. Hear more from Amy in this recent video interview from her church. 

PRAY for the right students to join the 2014/2015 Youth for Christ team. 

PRAY specifically for the Volontør program, relaunching this year – for just the right leadership and help, and for success as they reach out.

PRAY that Amy and her YFC co-workers will be used by God to introduce many Danish young people to new life in Jesus Christ. 

PRAY for Amy’s other ministry opportunities – from band tours and campus ministry to speaking opportunities at youth events. Pray for discernment and wisdom as she works with different people throughout Denmark… and even the rest of Europe. 

PRAY that Amy’s ongoing financial needs will be met, and that her visa will be renewed yearly.

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