Saturday, January 11, 2014

Prayer Week 2014: Day 8

Finally on Sunday we come to Day 8 of “Bedeuge” (Prayer Week) in Denmark, which concludes with the admonition to “Serve One Another.” It’s a natural result of seeing, admonishing, caring, showing hospitality… all those things we’ve been praying for over the past week.

At the end of this concentrated week of prayer, Danes are now asking themselves, “How has God gifted me?” and then “How can I share that gift to serve others?” Because Christ came as a servant, so we follow his example. Not so that we can show the world how talented we are, or how much we can get from the deal. In this model, there is no expectation of return. We follow our Savior where he leads. And we’re simply told “through love, serve one another.” (Galatians 5:13)

THANK the Lord that he loves Denmark, and the Danish people, more than anyone.

ASK him to give you a renewed heart of compassion to pray for this country and its people.

PRAY that the Danish church would hear the call to servanthood, and that as it grows, Danish believers would follow Christ’s servant model. (It’s one to which we can all aspire, in his strength.)

PRAY that God would open the hearts of Danes, also through his Spirit, in generosity and mutual service. Pray that outsiders will see the difference and be drawn to the Savior as a result.

PRAY that the Danish church would continue not only to open its doors in service to those within its borders, but also to needs worldwide.

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