Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Prayer Week 2014: Day 5

Thursday, Day 5 of “Bedeuge” (Prayer Week) in Denmark, highlights a daily theme that could cause confusion: Admonish One Another. That’s because the word often translated “admonish” in Hebrews 10, is often taken in a negative light. That’s just as true in Danish as it is in English.

But think of it this way: In Scripture we’re told to admonish each other for the purpose of encouragement, and for building up each other. It’s positive, not negative.

Even so, that’s a tough sell in a culture where it’s tough to be vulnerable or accountable enough to hear the kind of caring advice that can do us the most good. Sound familiar? But God cares about His church in Denmark so much that he wants Danish Christians to open their lives to each other, to become vulnerable to each other in love, and to see them grow into mature disciples. That’s our prayer for today.

PRAY that God will help Danish believers lower their cultural defenses so that they might admonish each other, and encourage each other in love.

PRAY for the flourishing of small groups where genuine growth can happen.

PRAY that God will open channels of respect and openness among Danish believers of different traditions, so they might build each other up -- even across denominational lines.

PRAY for those walls to come down in love.

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